Ownership → How to Become an Owner

It’s EASY… simply come to the Co-op and grab a form.  Once you fill it out, choose a payment option and pay your equity payment you OWN IT!

Co-op ownership exists through an equity share.  A share can be purchased all at once or through an installment program.  Either way, once the ownership account is initiated, the customer has all the rights and benefits of ownership.    Once you have reached the paid in full amount, you will not be required to pay any more in equity unless the Board of Directors elects to raise the share amount.  If, at any time, you choose to leave the Co-op your equity share is 100% refundable.  All you have to do is ask.

Equity Share:     $150*

Installment Plan:
$30 initial payment (Includes a onetime nonrefundable $10 administration fee)
$20 minimum annually until equity is paid

*The Board of Directors may raise the Equity Share at its discretion.