Ownership → What is Co-op Ownership?

Berkshire Co-op Market is a consumer cooperative.  That means that while we are open to all shoppers, our customers have the opportunity to own an equity share in the business.   After agreeing to a financial commitment, these customers receive certain benefits and exercise their ownership through patronage, through democratic elections of the Board of Directors and by maintaining a voice in the co-op’s activities.

The Benefits of Ownership

Co-op ownership is not just about benefits.  Your ownership gives us the ability to achieve our end goals.  Those ends are in support of:
•    Local farmers and food producers;
•    Small business and the local economy;
•    A sustainable local and regional food system;
•    Community education about health and environmentalism;
•    Sustainable business practices;
•    Thoughtful and responsible consumerism;
•    A cooperative community spirit.
•    Community needs based discount & senior discount

That said, it’s nice to get something in return.  Benefits of ownership include:

•    Quarterly Owner Appreciation Days, which offer a storewide 15% discount to co-op owners;
•    Access to the Buying Club, which allows owners to purchase large quantities at reduced prices;
•    Enrollment in the Patronage Dividend Program, which offers owners dividend checks based on their total yearly purchases;
•    The option to run for the Board of Directors and a vote in Board of Directors elections.
•    Access to Prepaid Owner Tabs (PPOT) which allow owners the ability to use owner cards at the registers as an alternative to credit/debit cards.