Outreach and Education → Community Builders

Community Builders is an intergenerational service program that provides opportunities for all members of our community to  participate  in projects designed to help our neighbors, protect the environment or address areas of need right here in our local area.

There are two distinct parts of this program…

Community Builders After School Program

This program is made available through a partnership between Berkshire Co-op Market and the existing after-school programs at Muddy Brook Elementary School, Monument Valley Regional Middle School and Undermountain Elementary School.

In our Community Builders after school program, we use the history of the Berkshires as a guide to shape our community in Minecraft. Both in the game and in real life there will be plenty of opportunities to build, craft and explore to your heart’s desire while working in a group. Hands-on projects have included seasonal cooking, potions (aka natural body care products), handmade art supplies and woodworking. While building a virtual community and assessing its needs, we simultaneously discuss needs in our real life community and how we can help. We decide as a group what to craft as a final project to then sell or donate to an organization of the group’s choice. If kids are into crafty stuff, awesome! If not, that’s ok too because there are other ways to be an asset to projects without needing to get their hands dirty.

Community Builders Volunteer Program

Our new Community Builders volunteer program aims to engage people of all ages with the common goal of working to build community. The Community Builders will come together as an extension of the Co-op community to address areas of need among our neighbors and within our environment. Volunteer opportunities will include: cooking community dinners, building natural play structures, harvesting garlic and more! Many projects will be done in partnership with, and in support of, existing charitable organizations in our community. Some projects will include an educational component to ensure a valuable experience for all.