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We believe in supporting our community.

Through charitable donations, we turn financial profit into meaningful assistance for local non-profit organizations that enhance southern Berkshire county and the surrounding region. With the Real Good Giving program, we will continue this tradition of support for community, while improving upon the Co-op’s established systems for philanthropy.

What you need to know:

  • Your organization may be eligible for a Real Good Giving donation if:
    • You are local. We define local as being located within 100 miles of the Co-op.
    • You are a 501(c)(3) non-profit.
    • The mission of your organization aligns with Berkshire Co-op’s Ends
    • We give equal consideration to all eligible requests.
    • We will consider supporting events held by individuals, partisan organizations, or organizations that advance any particular religious beliefs if the event is open to the ALL in the southern Berkshire county community.
    • Past support of your organization or event is not a guarantee of future support.  While we would love to continue long traditions of supporting your organization, we also want to be fair. 
    • Due to the volume of applications and the nature of limited budgets, it is not possible for Real Good Giving to fulfill every request.
  • In receiving a donation, your organization is agreeing to co-marketing opportunities which may include your displaying of the Berkshire Food Co-op Logo on printed material, websites, mentions on social media. As well as Berkshire Food Co-op using your logo on social media and in print. We’ll be sure to tell people about who you are and what your awesome organization does.


Small Donations ($1-$99) – BCM sets a monthly budget to be distributed as smaller donations, available by request. Such requests should be received by the 15th of the month prior to the date needed or date of the event. Applicants will be notified by the the first day of the month following the receipt of their request.
For example:  A completed application should be submitted by September 15 for an event held on October 31. Notification will be delivered by October 1.

Large Donations ($100+) – BCM also sets an annual  budget for larger donations to community partners and 

events. These donations are awarded on a quarterly basis and the deadlines are:

        • August 31, 2018

        • Nov 30, 2018

        • Feb 28, 2019

      • May 31, 2019

Sound good? If you want to request a donation, please fill out our online form!