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You can fill out the application online, but it’s not a form you can directly submit. You must download it (right-click and save as) and then either print it and drop it off at the store, or send it as an email attachment to hiring@berkshire.coop.

Right now, we have the following openings just waiting for an awesome food geek like you!

Prepared Foods Team Leader

Full Time
$40,000 – $54,000/year

Berkshire Co-op Market is looking for a Prepared Foods Team Leader to build a whole new program in our brand, new store.

Imagine never-before-used ovens, shining walk-ins, state of the art equipment in the front and the back of house…it’s all waiting for just the right person who has the vision, persistence, organization and people skills to build the program, communicate the plan and lead a crew of some of the hardest working people around to make it all happen.

Providing a top-notch customer experience is at the heart of everything we do here. Menu choices, product selection, retail display and positive interactions are all focused on providing inspiration and amazing service to our customers.

The Prepared Foods Team Leader will ensure the highest level of service and lead their team to achieve exceptional results by establishing standards of excellence, care and performance. You will also evaluate product and category trends within the store and within the industry; build strategies and systems with an eye towards price image; and work with a team to develop and administer plans for store promotions.

As with any great leader, supporting your team will be a key part of your success and you’ll be focused on providing those who work with you with the systems and resources they need bring their best selves to their jobs and knock it out of the park every single day.

As with any valuable member of a fantastic organization, the Prepared Foods Team Leader will prioritize the Co-op’s values and culture, working collaboratively with all staff toward a shared vision of excellence, respect and quality.

Do you have a vision of what it means to offer fresh, healthy food (with an emphasis on seasonal goodness and sustainable production) that tastes amazing? Read on to get a more detailed sense of the work, then get in touch. We want to hear all about your hopes and dreams (and your plan to bring them to reality)!


Model the highest level of customer service

Berkshire Co-op Market welcomes everyone and accepts them for who they are. You will be expected to

  1. Demonstrate consistent patience, kindness and respect for everyone who shops at our store.
  2. Be knowledgeable and enthusiastic about a wide range of food types, dietary preferences and production practices. Never pretend to know something you don’t, and always be willing to find the answer!
  3. Have a whole-store mindset. Understand and care about what’s happening in every department of the store. Be able to assist customers no matter what department you’re in.
  4. Be empathetic and proactive! Anticipate what a customer will need and go one step further than simply answering their question. Provide them with a solution to a problem they might not have fully articulated yet.
  5. Always err on the side of generosity! Be quick to offer tastes, samples & pairing suggestions.
  6. Know and love the cooperative business model. Be able to explain the reasons for and benefits of ownership.

Provide Leadership

  1. Consider yourself a servant leader and model supportive and proactive leadership qualities. Promote team building by working collaboratively, providing timely, positive and fair feedback and always considering even the smallest opportunities for professional development within your team.
  2. Embrace and respect your leadership position, taking to heart your responsibilities to the success of the organization and those who work in it.
  3. Ensure that communications are clear, direct, and respectful. Be brave enough to have difficult conversations and wise enough to seek the counsel of your colleagues in trying situations.
  4. Hold yourself to the highest standards of integrity, honesty and care for others.
  5. Be respectful, effective and creative when resolving issues. The best problem-solvers have open minds.
  6. Act as a model to all store employees following all policies and procedures and striving to uphold the mission, vision and values of the Co-op.
  7. Have a vision and be able to inspire your team to actively work towards it with you.

Product Selection

  1. Collaborate with the Store Manager and Marketing Manager to develop and maintain a curated product selection, befitting the store brand. Ensure that fresh foods categories offer a selection of products that is appealing and meets the growing needs of our community, including tantalizing ingredients, with specialized food needs and preferences represented in the overall mix. Our fresh foods selection must showcase our commitment to delicious foods of the highest quality made with fresh, local and organic foods whenever possible.
  2. Ensure that there is a data driven system or matrix for product mix decisions, which includes:
    • Reviews of movement reports and customer feedback to guide decisions on which products to discontinue, add or adjust.
    • Systems to evaluate categories ensuring responsiveness to national or regional trends and also to having fully developed selection of tiers (value-priced and premium options) where needed.
    • Reviews of seasonal data, feedback from department supervisors to decide and coordinate changes in product mix for each approaching season and/or event.


  1. Price Strategy – Work with Store Manager and Marketing Manager to create cohesive pricing strategy and messaging plans for all Fresh Foods categories. The overall strategy includes:
    • Develop competitor survey system and frequency for any pertinent prepared foods categories or items. Ensure competitor survey data is collected, analyzed and acted upon in a timely manner.
    • Research and utilize pricing rules or promotional tactics that encourage good price image for fresh foods categories. Help determine which products have the highest price awareness in consumers’ minds and establish plan to compete on those products as necessary.
    • Ensure all sales and promotions are fully executed, from receiving necessary supportive messaging and branding materials through production, display and sale.
    • Prepared Foods Team Leader may also be asked to participate in store-wide pricing strategy development work.


  1. Work with Store Manager, Marketing Manager and Promotions Team to develop strong and cohesive promotional plans for the Prepared Foods department. Prepared Foods promotional plans are to account for store-wide themes and events as well as taking advantage of department specific opportunities.
    • Ensure adherence to agreed timelines and implementation guides for all changes in display, signage replacement, media support and announcements to ensure appropriate promotional presence through all promotional venues.
    • Look for opportunities to cross-merchandise with other departments. Work with the Promo Team for effective planning and implementation of cross-merchandised promotions.
    • Collaborate with the Store Manager and Marketing Manager to implement the stated merchandising priorities each quarter. May be asked to help develop aspects of merchandising plans, including plan-o-gram development, input on signage needs or promotional event planning.
    • Ensure fluid and effective communication with the Promo Team and sales department supervisors that produces clear and strong plans to implement easily in the store.
    • Ensure the Co-op Deals and Co-op Basics programs are being implemented as effectively as possible for any Prepared Foods items. Assist with Co-op Deals paperwork or specific trouble-shooting as necessary.
    • Review brokers’ promotional offerings monthly and make recommendations to Store Manager and department supervisors. Make recommendations on any mix or promotional event that will support the promotional calendar and/or the branding priorities of the co-op.

General Management

  1. Participate in development of sales and margin projections as requested.
  2. Provide on-going trouble-shooting, margin management and other data resources to pertinent members of the team.
  3. May be asked to help coordinate miscellaneous administrative tasks that arise.
  4. Learn general responsibilities and systems of food service and production teams to provide succession assistance or emergency leave coverage if needed.
  5. Perform other tasks assigned by Store Manager.


  1. At least one year of purchasing in a retail environment; preferably in natural foods grocery store.
  2. A strong understanding of professional production kitchens, menu-planning and food service systems and requirements.
  3. Excellent communications skills including the ability to work effectively in one-on-one and small group relationships and help facilitate the movement of ideas to concrete action plans with co-workers.
  4. Must have strong analytical skills to evaluate data and respond to emerging trends.
  5. Must have strong fluency in financial spreadsheet development and function.
  6. Familiarity with the Google Suite and Microsoft Office applications and a willingness to increase fluency with calendars, communication, organization and file sharing in order to facilitate the exchange of ideas.
  7. Excellent organizational skills go without saying – you must also be self-directed, motivated and able to prioritize.
  8. You will need to consistently follow through on commitments and implementation plans.
  9. Possess a knowledge of and curiosity about current trends in natural foods industry.
  10. Ability to safely lift 50 pounds.
  11. Willingness and ability to learn and grow to meet the changing requirements of the job. Courage to be honest about not knowing something and burning desire find answers and improve skills.

Sound like the perfect job for YOU?! Send your resume to hiring@berkshire.coop! Be sure to include “Prepared Foods Team Leader” in the subject line.

Prepared Foods Team Member

Full Time (35-40 hrs/wk) or Part Time (24-30 hrs/wk)
starting at $12/hr
Our Prepared Foods Team is at the center of our mission to bring healthy, delicious food to our community. Our kitchen carefully prepares the best ingredients and serves them out to customers with a variety of food preferences and sensitivities.

We’re looking for a team member to help with the preparation and service of our cold and/or hot food buffets!

We want you to:

              • Have professional food experience
              • Passionately believe that food is love
              • Intuitively understand time management
              • Be brave and speak up when you need help
              • Be generous and quick to help others when you see they need support
              • Always be learning and seeking to improve your skills
              • Value being a part of a team, but be able to get things done on your own, if necessary
              • Take pride in doing excellent work
              • Take direction AND identify & suggest improvements in systems and process (in a positive way!)
              • Have a sense of humor!

Please have some willingness/ability to be flexible with your schedule — we might need you to work mid-shifts, nights & weekends.

Sound good?! Let’s do this!

Find the perfect job? Wahoo!
Download an application and send it along to us at hiring@berkshire.coop.

You can fill out the application online, but it’s not a form you can directly submit. You must download it (right-click and save as) and then either print it and drop it off at the store, or send it as an email attachment to hiring@berkshire.coop.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Berkshire Co-op Market is an EO employer.