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Local Farmers – Far Away Farm December 18th, 2012

Is it possible to get local citrus that is grown in Puerto Rico?  Well, no.  But we are coming about as close as possible this week with the introduction of Thompson Finch Citrus.  Thompson Finch, a long time co-op provider of organic fruit is owned by Marnie and Don MacLean.    Four years ago, Marnie and Don decided to expand their horizons and their growing season by purchasing some land in sunny Puerto Rico and learning how to farm a whole new kind of crop.

Known for their strawberries and apples here in the Northeast, Marnie and Don now can be recognized for their oranges.  We are happy to introduce “Del Pais” heirloom oranges from Finca Veinte, their mountain farm.  These wonderful oranges are grown without any chemical sprays or fertilizers and with the same organic practices and intentions used at Thompson Finch.

We can’t call the oranges local – but the farmers sure are.  Come by the produce department to try some today.