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New Meats From a Husdon Valley Craftsman January 27th, 2016

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For years, the Peele family has been known for offering high quality pasture raised beef, pork, chicken, and lamb at Herondale Farm in Ancramdale, NY.  Now, Jack Peele has grown the legend by adding commercial meat processing facility to the farm and producing incredible products such as sausage, bacon and cured salami.

1310_Jacuterie_043Jack’s company JACüTERIE is drawing from the finest traditions from Europe and beyond, but the product is totally local.  The meats are mostly coming from the family farm.  When he sources from other farms, they are the best farms in the Hudson Valley to make charcuterie that is unique to our area.

We just brought in some of Jack’s sausages and bacons to start.  If the response is good, and we think it will be, we’ll look at expanding the line.

Honey-Garlic Slab Bacon 
The Honey-Garlic Bacon is cured with local wildflower honey, garlic, and sea salt before a light applewood smoke.

Maple Bacon 
The Maple Bacon is cured with locally produced maple syrup and sea salt, with an applewood smoke to finish it off.

Saucisson a l’Ail (French Garlic Sausage)
A classic French sausage – it’s name literally means Sausage with Garlic. The garlic is balanced with nutmeg and pepper for a delicious garlicky treat. Great for sauteing and tossing into pasta or grilling with seasonal veggies.

Maple Jalapeño Sausage
A careful balance has been made between sweet, salty, and spicy in the  Maple Jalapeño Sausage. They combine the natural sweetness of Maple Sugar (locally sourced from Crown Maple in upstate NY) with the delicious flavor and spice of Jalapeño peppers for a great tasting sausage with just enough (but not too much!) zing.