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The Co-op Deals Flyer is delivered on a biweekly basis (except for a few three-week periods).  Provided by National Co-op Grocers, the flyers are located at the entrance to the store and sale signs can be seen on the product shelves.  On average, each flyer contains about 35 co-op products offered at a sale price that is an average of 20% off the regular price.  Sale changeovers always conducted on Tuesdays.

Download Co-op Deals Flyer

Our monthly sales flyer includes local deals which come from purveyors within 100 miles of our front door along with exclusive deals offered at our Co-op. It includes produce, dairy and meat from local farms, products made by local producers, and prepared food made right here at the Co-op.  It also includes special deals on national items.

Download Local Deals Flyer