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A core benefit of Berkshire Co-op ownership, the Buying Club harkens back to the old Co-op buying clubs that flourished in the 1960s and ’70s.

Co-op owners can browse the full selection of items offered by UNFI, our biggest supplier, and purchase them at significant savings from retail, whether or not the Co-op carries the item. Owners can expect prices at or below the wholesale costs listed in UNFI’s catalogs — the many discounts and promotions negotiated by the Co-op are passed along as savings to our owners, allowing us to make up the difference and match the published wholesale prices. Items on Co-op Deals, our main sale program, are offered at an additional 10% savings from the shelf price.

The Buying Club is largely self-serve; our ability to offer these low prices depends on minimizing the staff hours required to facilitate the process. We encourage owners to learn their way around the catalogs and research products themselves, but our staff will always be happy to share their knowledge. Keep in mind that these catalogs contain many thousands of items not carried in the store, and our staff may not be familiar with the products you have in mind.

We place orders at the end of each week for our Monday delivery; the deadline to submit orders to us is noon on Saturday.

UNFI Catalogs

UNFI publishes their catalogs in Excel and in a web-based ebook format that mimics the paper catalogs familiar to Buying Club old timers. You can find links to these catalogs and spreadsheets below.

UNFI regularly ships us paper versions of their monthly deals catalogs, and we are happy to make these available in store as long as UNFI continues to provide them. You can find them in our store in the Buying Club Niche across from the Customer Service Desk.

We still have a few copies of the catalogs from 2016, the last time UNFI published them as paper books. They are showing their age and starting to come apart, but we know some greatly prefer them, so we will keep them available as long as they last. Note that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the product selection or pricing information in these catalogs.
If you have any questions about the Buying Club, please ask our Customer Service Team or email us at

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