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The Co-op’s Meat & Seafood Department offers high quality, chemical free options to our customers.  Featuring sustainably caught fish, organic and grass-fed natural meats, and all-natural free-range chicken, our meat counter is THE place for the meat eater who cares about food quality.  We also have a full service deli for nitrate-free natural and organic sandwich meats and sliced cheeses.   All dairy products are produced without the use of artificial growth hormones or the regular use of antibiotics.

The Berkshire Co-op Market Seafood Department will source only sustainable seafood options.  To that end, we are a participant in the Fishwise Retailer Program.  Fishwise, a nonprofit organization designed to improve the sustainability of seafood retailers, will provide comprehensive assistance in training, informational resources, product sourcing and communication.

If you have any questions for the Meat & Seafood Department, please email