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The foundation is done…will it be smooth sailing from here on out? August 31st, 2018

The foundation is complete! That’s great news!

Now the crew continues to work on the underground plumbing and very SOON the steel will arrive.

Once the steel arrives, you’ll start to see the structure rise from the ground. We couldn’t be more excited!

Some more good news…there will be maintenance work done on our driveway to smooth it out. The general contractor has committed to doing maintenance work to the driveway on a regular basis to ensure smooth entry into our parking lot, so if it’s seeming a little rough to you at any point, let us know!

We understand that some of the pebbles kicked up by the construction can make for bumpy cart rides, so the general contractor has been instructed to pay more attention to “house work” and sweep away debris regularly.

We hope it helps keep things neat & tidy and smooooth sailing.



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